Weed Control Lowell

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Weed Control Lowell

Weeds are the plants that compete with the grass for space to grow – clover and dandelions, coarse-leaved grasses, daisies and buttercups. Early identification and prompt removal can eliminate large-scale problems.

Identifying weeds and knowing their life cycles are essential to management.There are several ways lawn weeds are often noticed:

The grass may look patchy, have an uneven growth rate or simply include areas that are a different colour or texture to the rest of the lawn
Flowers appear in the grass. This can occur even in a closely mown lawn, but often appears when the grass is allowed to grow longer
Patches may remain green during a drought. Lawn weeds may perform better or worse than the lawn grasses, staying green or turning brown.
At Weed Control Lowell we control weeds using non-chemical means, such as digging out. Where these methods are not feasible, chemical controls may be needed.

Weed Control Lowell

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